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the guiding beliefs of a person, group or organization.

At the core of Eternal Olive’s philosophy is the desire to provide nothing but the extraordinary to our discerning patrons: an extraordinarily unique experience, an extraordinarily pure product, an extraordinarily true wisdom. Our mission is to bring you a luxurious extra-virgin olive oil you will come to recognize as far superior than anything you’ve tasted before.

We want our patrons to live longer and better by bringing incredible purity, vigorous standards and superb nourishment of the olive to their tables. This is our passion. Because we use DROPS OF LIFE daily in our own routines, we can confidently promise to you, our discerning patrons, you will always receive a product we believe in.

Providing this exclusive product requires we leverage the techniques and terrain of Ancient Greece. We’ve hand-picked the family-owned and operated groves charged with raising our olives because they share our passion for the extraordinary down to even the tiniest detail. This means we can guarantee:

  • groves are certified organic
  • harvesting begins and ends when olives are at their nutritional peak
  • olives are hand-picked and sent to be pressed the same day
  • mills are newly renovated, cold-press only
  • acidity throughout the milling process, during storage and when we bottle the oil is at or below the pristinely pure level of .3
  • Founder Quote:

    “The world is now a village, which has brought about wondrous market growth. But this ecumenical movement has inevitably furrowed the relationship between consumers and their products. Our Greek immigrant generation is fortunate because it still remembers what it feels like to know the source of your food. We want to bring that intimate relationship back into our patrons’ lives through a product we feel passionately about. Olive oil is not just liquid to us - it's part of the essence of our Greek culture.”



a quality, as of an experience or a work of art that arouses feelings of compassion.

We consider olive oil our art. What began as three sisters with a profound appreciation for an authentic product has now blossomed into one passion to share this art with others who will appreciate its value. Like an intricate Picasso, a Vivaldi concerto or a timeless work of Shakespeare, we know Eternal Olive will evoke in you powerful appreciation. We know it will hold a revered place in your home, as treasured as any classical composition.

DROPS OF LIFE is the most undiluted, luxurious extra-virgin olive oil you will be able find. As an overwhelming number of our taste testers have described, store-bought oils are no longer viable options after indulging in Eternal Olive products. But Eternal Olive is so much more than an exclusive ingredient. It is an extensive look into your food source from farm to plate, a unique opportunity to draw close to the old-world wisdom of an oil so nutrient-dense that olive tree farmers reserved it for their own families.  

We know you take pride in bringing home the finest components for a life of luxury and longevity and our extra-virgin olive oil will meet your exacting requirements. Free from artificial, harmful and processed ingredients and possessing undiluted taste and a fruity bouquet, Eternal Olive is your personal path to exceptional oil and an elevated quality of life.

It is our greatest joy to share this art with patrons who, like us, will delight in its luxurious taste and revel in the markedly superior qualities. From our unquestionably strong foundation, we hope to transform your culinary experiences from mundane to magnificent.



a quality of or having the state of purity; freedom from contamination or adulteration

Our product contains high levels of the nutrients that studies have proven slow the aging process, reduce the risk of type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, and promote healthy arteries. Eternal Olive’s uncompromising approach ensures you will enjoy the nutritional advantage of extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil.

The health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil have been touted far and wide, but until now, obtaining such a product has been a difficult process. Most consumers perceive the bottles they find on supermarket shelves to be the real deal, but less than 30 percent of this supply actually harbors the stringent qualities that categorize oil as extra-virgin.  This is because many providers prefer profit instead of authenticity, using techniques to increase grove yields. We believe in purity and are returning to the location and the methods that do not compromise authenticity.

When it comes to olive oil, less is more.

Did you know?

  • Harvesting late in the season (to wait for more olives on trees) effectively diminishes the level of nutrients per olive.
  • To maximize production quantities, some providers press the same olives multiple times, drastically reducing the quality of the end product. This severely waters down the oil that makes it to your table.
  • Many providers over-irrigate their olive trees in an effort to artificially plump the fruit. While this may result in more extracted oil, this practices also works to diminish the beneficial nutrients found in olives.
  • Many providers add chemicals and inferior oils to increase yield, mask flaws and chemically mimic true extra-virgin olive oil.
  • We leverage cold-press techniques – meaning our process is devoid of hot water, steam or additional ingredients like salt that can change the composition of the olive oil, compromising the health benefits to the consumer.

We believe the techniques employed by our selected grove operators are the only way to arrive at a product we believe in. Our processes may be arduous and painstaking, but they adhere to the blueprint that Mother Nature designed to keep the precious and powerful olive intact.

Simply put, we bottle purity. 



internal consistency of a message and the effectiveness of its supporting evidence.

Olive oil has come a long way since the first wild olive tree was harvested in ancient Greece. From the initial discovery of its varied and powerful applications in diet, medicine, and skin-care, the mission to incorporate this product into our lives has pushed both producers and consumers to settle for larger quantities.

But it turns out authenticity is crucial. Because we endeavor to provide the most pure product, we have personally researched thousands of producers and chosen only those with exceptional reputations. Our collection of family-owned and operated groves in Greece’s southern region of Peloponnese share our passion for Agourelaio and our belief in authenticity. 

Through these timeless stewards monitoring daily conditions of the groves, Eternal Olive is able to guarantee our product’s quality in a way many providers cannot. In addition, leveraging generations of industry knowledge and practice enables us to analyze at multiple steps in the process one of the most important factors of extra-virgin olive oil’s quality: acidity.

To be categorized as “extra-virgin,” oil must contain natural acidity levels that do not exceed .8 percent. Lower levels of acidity translate into greater numbers of polyphenols and antioxidants, the benefits so often praised in olive oils. Superior quality extra-virgin olive oils do not exceed .5 percent acidity. But Eternal Olive’s close eye and constant assessment of acidity means you will hold in your hands an exclusive bottle obtaining acidity at or below .3 percent.  

Like any art form, Eternal Olive learns from the classical masters. By adhering to their time-tested methods and respecting the natural process, we can promise you an extraordinary oil of unsurpassed quality.



the act, right or power of giving; something bestowed voluntarily and without compensation

Sending gifts to clients and prospects is a thoughtful way to say thank you while remaining at the forefront of their mind. But ordinary gifts can have the opposite effect.

That’s why we encourage you to give the extraordinary.

Give Eternal Olive

Your corporate gift is an extension of you. In addition to an exclusive bottle of authentic, extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil, Eternal Olive affords you the opportunity to extend your presence from one touch point to many. Through our virtual journey, your client or prospect will be reminded each time they receive contact from Eternal Olive that you provided this unique process from inception to table.

An Eternal Olive gift is a non-invasive way to maintain a pleasant chain of contact, allowing you multiple opportunities to re-instigate conversations, gauge client or prospect viability and reinforce the value you can bring to their organization.  In addition, every time they use Eternal Olive’s pure extra-virgin olive oil they will be reminded of your commitment to their quality of life.

We will detail for your client or prospect monthly the progression of the grove, the ripening of the olives and the multiple steps in the pressing process. They will get to know the family growing their olives, a little history behind the techniques, and the timetable for their personal bottle of extra-virgin olive oil.

Let us help you stand out from the crowd in extraordinary fashion. With no additional effort, you reinforce the value you bring to your client or prospect's organization.  With a single bottle purchase, you will have at least 14 touch points throughout the year with your client or prospect.

Give The Exclusive, Grow Your Reputation

Whatever your gift-giving occasion, Eternal Olive is an elegant indulgence that allows recipients to live longer and live better and helps you stand out from the crowd in extraordinary fashion. Every time your recipients use Eternal Olive’s pure extra-virgin olive oil they will be reminded of your commitment to their quality of life. 

Send your recipient a bottle today and they will share in the virtual journey.  We will detail monthly the progression of the grove, the ripening of the olives and the multiple steps in the pressing process Each month, when they receive an update, they will be reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness to them.

Of course, some of the best presents are the ones we give ourselves. Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Stock your kitchen with our nutritious oil or take the virtual journey yourself as an ultimate indulgence.  

Visiting a client or going to a friend’s dinner party?  Order a case to have a unique hostess gift on hand and eliminate the hassle of finding last-minute gifts.

Your Recipient's Virtual Journey

The Eternal Olive virtual journey allows 14 opportunities over a one-year period for you to communicate with clients, friends or loved ones.

  • The initial touch point will be a brochure notifying your recipient of your gift.  This will be a delightful brochure describing your extraordinary gift and explaining our extra-olive virgin oil.  
  • The enclosure card for the brochure will clearly display Courtesy of …. Your Name or Firm.  This ensures  your client understands this gift has been made possible by you.
  • Each month, your recipients will receive an email providing updates on the grove, the family, and other interesting and relevant details. Each email reiterates the gift is courtesy of you or your company.
  • Once the November harvest season comes to a close, the bulk of our product begins shipping in January. After the observation and anticipation period, your recipients will get to indulge in a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil made exclusively for them. 


Experience Greece as a Local

What better way to learn fine art than to study at the hand of the masters? Eternal Olive endeavors to bring you as close to your food source as possible in the midst of your busy life. But for those who wish to take the journey one step farther, our cozy village home in the mountains of Greece awaits.

We will greet you at our doorstep as family and encourage you to take part in the creation of your own oil. This is your opportunity to breathe in the air of the ancients and feel the earth that bore civilizations between your fingers. Run your fingers over the gnarled bark of weathered olive trees, cradle the powerful fruit in your hands and let the dappled sunlight of our groves imprint upon your memory.

Immersed in the heart of our operation, we will guide you through some of the techniques we leverage in the care and harvesting of our olives. Tour our hand-selected groves, visit the mills where magic happens and meet the families responsible for bringing this wealth to your table.

When you return you will have a more thorough understanding of, and appreciation for, our natural process and an experience you will always treasure.

Call or email us to learn more.

The Fabulous Olive

Pungent, pure, and powerful, the olive is one of nature’s most valuable ingredients. In its truest form, the form we strive to maintain, it has proven a veritable elixir of life.

When pressed into oil, this tiny fruit packs a punch from the main element of the oil known as triacylglycerols: a mix of triglycerides or fats. Most often this is leveraged as an energy reserve when consumed. Also found in olive oil are phosphatides, pigments and flavor compounds, sterols, glycerol, and bits of oil and free fatty acids.

From the Egyptians dating back to 2,000 B.C. who leveraged this oil to our present day selves, our understanding of the ingredient continually matures. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported researchers from Spain found the monounsaturated fats in olive oil work to slow the aging process of the heart and promote healthy arterial function. A recent study published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care showed that a Mediterranean-style diet rich in olive oil reduces the risk of type II diabetes by almost 50% compared to a low-fat diet. The Arthritis Today journal published an article that found extra-virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen and aspirin. A recent Austrian study found that when using oils to enrich yogurt, olive oil proved to have the greatest effect on participants’ satiety, citing that no member of the olive oil group reported weight increases.

DROPS OF LIFE will enrich your life in more ways than one.

  • Compliment your food and include in recipes.
  • Ingest 2 tablespoons per day as a powerful supplement.
  • Apply to your body after showering.
  • Cleanse your face for a radiant glow.
  • Apply to hair as a deep conditioner and a silky, smooth shine.
  • Purchase a case for delightful, on-hand hostess gifts.
  • Gift to clients, family and friends.


With many raving fans of the olive’s internal health benefits, it’s only natural there be fans of its external beauty benefits:

  • Emma Stone, actress @ Glamour Magazine, October 2013

    “I slather it on my face and body all the time.”

  • Kate Sullivan, Allure.com, February 2010

    “Emily Blunt revealed that she’s soaked her face in olive oil in the name of soft skin.”

  • Deepika Rajani, entertainmentwise.com, September 2010

    “[Selena Gomez], who appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, told Ellen that she drinks pure olive oil before she has a live performance.”

Longevity or allure, these are the benefits of an extra-virgin olive oil that is painstakingly cared for and produced. Eternal Olive guarantees an exclusive oil you simply cannot find on store shelves, one of rich taste and exquisite nutritional value. We refer to it as liquid gold and know our discriminating patrons will, too.


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Nutrition Facts
Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Stock your kitchen, always have a hostess gift on hand, use as your beauty product, and indulge yourself.


$40.00 $35.00
For 500ml Individual Bottle


For 500ml Individual Bottle

Send an extraordinary gift to a loved one, friend or client.


Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Half Case (6 bottles)

Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Stock your kitchen, always have a hostess gift on hand, use as your beauty product, and indulge yourself.


$240.00 $180.00
Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Full Case (12 bottles)

Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Stock your kitchen, always have a hostess gift on hand, use as your beauty product, and indulge yourself.


$480.00 $336.00
Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml - SOLD OUT!


Superior Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml - SOLD OUT!

Stock your kitchen, always have a hostess gift on hand, use as your beauty product, and indulge yourself.



We don't harvest late to increase yield. We don't use chemicals and we don't mix with inferior oil. Bring our DROPS OF LIFE into your kitchen to experience the luxurious flavor today. Please note that supply is limited.

We're serious about our guarantee and we want to earn your loyalty. If you do not absolutely love our oil, we'll promptly refund your purchase.

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